World Cup screen fan park - Urban Entertainment

When the ruler of Fujairah in the UAE reached out to us in regards to setting up a World Cup screen fan park, The flight was booked before the conversation had ended!

We at urban entertainment have been lucky enough to provide our expertise to many countries and regularly have outdoor cinema events in Dubai. We were asked to design and implement a fan park on umbrella beach in Fujairah for the World Cup. The requirements were a huge 40 foot outdoor cinema screen and a projector capable of providing a crisp vibrant image from 60 metres away for a potential audience of 1000 people.

We constructed a control room using 2 x 20 foot shipping containers stacked 60 meters away From the screen giving us enough clearance to project over the top of peoples heads.

We installed a Christie DCP Cinema projector capable of providing a crisp vibrant image while combatting ambient light. once the install was done we gave training to the team of technicians who were managing the events after our departure.

Inside the control room

World cup screen fan park guided tour