Outdoor Cinema

Urban outdoor cinema is simple; our passion is enabling you or your clients to experience your/their favourite movies on a giant screen. However what makes us different is that we make this happen under the stars. Who says cinema needs to be in homogenous, air-conditioned boxes? Not us, Urban Cinema provides the latest AIRSCREEN technology in Inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screens and High Definition projection. We are a leading rental company of these products and we not only provide world-class technology but also the technicians and event managers to suit.

Urban Entertainment are the largest Outdoor Cinema providers in the Middle East & Europe who offer Inflatable Cinema Screens of the highest quality. Not only this, but we are the premier provider of outdoor cinema equipment in the UAE. From the technology that brought you movies on the beach at the Dubai Film Festival we are proud to be the official partner of AIRSCREEN in the Middle East.

So whether you are looking for movie nights on the beach, rooftop cinema screenings or films in the park, our versatile and flexible screen installations can cater for any event.

Drive In Cinema

The Urban Cinema aim is to introduce a new modern twist on the classic Drive in Cinema concept using brand new and state of the art technology, but still keeping the nostalgia of the original Drive in Cinema’s from the 1950’s. With the Middle East famed for it’s lavish and stylish car scene, a drive-in cinema would certainly be a unique night for all in attendance. Whether you are looking for a unique event for clients (auto houses, car dealerships) or you would simply wish to run a drive-in cinema event we can tailor the right package for your needs.

The movie soundtrack is broadcast direct into the car via the car stereo, so all you need to do, is sit back, adjust the volume to your liking and step back into a bygone era and enjoy the magic of the drive-in cinema.

Urban Entertainment prides itself on using on the highest quality components. This is why we only use AIRSCREEN inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screens. In addition to this Urban Entertainment is an official Middle Eastern partner for the worlds most respected projector brand, Christie. This is what makes Urban Entertainment the clear leaders in the Outdoor Cinema industry.

Our event technicians and managers have worked all over the Middle East & Asia including UAE, Qatar, Singapore so you can trust us to deliver on the exacting standards that you and we also demand.

Our AIRSCREEN inflatable Outdoor Cinema Screens are so much more than just your usual Outdoor Cinema Screens, with AIRSCREEN we offer unparalleled quality Openair Cinema screen systems.

This makes Urban Entertainment the clear leaders in the Outdoor Cinema industry.

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