HEROES UNITED : Super Hero Figures

With the continued rise of popularity for all things superhero, the dominance on the big screen, and marvels ever growing film release time line, the hunger for superhero based events is growing. Urban Entertainment and Heroes United have put our vast knowledge of this to full effect by collecting over many years some amazing and rare vintage items which can be weaved into any event to make it extra special.

If it’s a photo opportunity with the 10ft big man, Mr Banner, or gaining comic knowledge, there’s something for all the family to enjoy. Even better, there are opportunities to see the very first editions of a range of classic comics like The Avengers.

We have exactly what you need to deliver a brilliant event. The mechanics are simple: we supply ideas, knowledge and products to enable you to deliver a show-stopping event.

We work with some of the largest shopping centres and attractions across the UK who crave more content for their audience. We smash this gap like The Hulk and add more numbers to your footfall by providing an experience they won’t forget.

For more information on booking our HEROES contact our team at info@urbanentertainment.ae

To see what Heroes United have been up to in Europe, visit our Insta page