Urban Launch In Saudi Arabia - outdoor cinema with urban entertainment

Urban launch in Saudi Arabia. Brace yourselves for a thrilling revelation! The wait has finally ended and the excitement is off the charts! The premier outdoor cinema company from the UK and UAE is making its grand urban launch in Saudi Arabia! This urban launch promises to redefine your movie experiences. Get ready to be part of this spectacular cinematic takeover!

When tasked with transforming the sandy expanses of Saudi into a magical outdoor cinema, we didn’t just meet the challenge, we made it a blockbuster event! Leveraging top-notch equipment and a whopping 14 years of experience in the outdoor cinema world, we created an experience that’s nothing short of epic!

Our exceptional 24-foot AIRSCREEN was utilized in conjunction with one of our impressive christie projectors. This setup was further enhanced by our robust Cinema speaker systems, showcasing our commitment to delivering professional, high-quality audio-visual experiences.

Urban Launch In Saudi Arabia

Imagine transforming a mall, car park, beach, stadium or any large open space you have into an exciting event space! If you’re seeking a creative way to utilize these areas, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re just a call away, eager to help you bring your vision to life.