Urban Entertainment specialise in inflatable media screens for any event, we offer the highest quality AIRSCREEN systems.
We support all types of clientele, from film studios, large corporate functions to small private events.

What makes Urban Entertainment unique is that we are fully mobile.
Our inflatable screens are available in 6 different sizes:

6.6ft x 3.3ft AIRSCREEN         – Upto 50 people viewing
10ft x 5.6ft AIRSCREEN          – Upto 100 people viewing
16ft x 9ft AIRSCREEN             – Upto 500 people viewing
24ft x 13.5ft AIRSCREEN       – Upto 1000 people viewing
30ft x 17ft AIRSCREEN           – Upto 2000 people viewing
40ft x 20ft AIRSCREEN          – Upto 5000 + people viewing or Drive-in event

Our inflatable media screens by AIRSCREEN take very little time to inflate, and are all fitted with a theatrical grade screen surface optimized for outdoor viewing.

Our AIRSCREENS offer many benefits –

1. Quick and easy set up time.
2. Quick deflation, perfect for extreme weather conditions.
3. Wrinkle free screen surface, ideal for our HD projectors.
4. Light in weight, no post event damage to ground.
5. Can go anywhere indoor or outdoor.

Urban Entertainment Airscreen 40ft x 20ft a



Our Audio Visual systems include:

Specialist HD projectors – Barco / Christie / Panasonic
Specialist Indoor Projection Screens – Projecta

As well as:

Professional Quality Sound Systems
Sound Mixers and Microphones
Headphones for Silent Cinema
Source of Entertainment – Blu Ray DVD players, Blu Ray laptops, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox Connect etc.
Visual Switchers
FM Transmitter – film soundtrack via car radio at our Dive in Cinema events.
Live Broadcasting equipment




We are so mobile we can set up ANYWHERE – parks, rooftops, stadiums, school halls, car parks,exhibition conventions, by the lake, gardens, shopping malls, the list goes on.


  • Openair Cinema
  • Live Broadcasting events
  • Rooftop Cinema
  • Festivals
  • Drive in Cinema
  • Exhibitions
  • Wireless Headset Cinema
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Pop up Cinema
  • Community/Corporate Events
  • Seasonal ( Halloween/Christmas ) etc

We cater for any requirements, and can customise to suit any event.

We provide Qualified on site Management and Technicians.

We can help with, or provide:

Film licensing and Broadcast licensing
Public liability insurance
Risk assessments
Event planning and Developement
Full event production
Liaison with food and drink providers




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