Drive In Cinema with TESLA and Urban Entertainment

When TESLA came knocking requesting the No1 Drive in Cinema company to put on a show for their UK side of their European tour, there was only ever going to be one outcome…….. the biggest screen, the best equipment and the full package when it comes to a nostalgic classic Drive in Cinema vibe.

We were asked to provide a classic drive in experience for a ticketed event based at the Trafford centre, Manchester. The event was hosted by TESLA and was part of a tour of Europe, calling at France, Germany, Spain and culminating in Manchester. There was numerous TESLA cars on display for the public to enjoy and demo with the model x being the star of the show and wowing the public of Manchester with its dance moves. Food and merchandise was also available to purchase throughout the event.

The main feature of the event was obviously the film its self which was non other than LIFE, tying in nicely with TESLA sister company space x.

We not only provided the screen and film but here is a list of all the kit that we supplied to get the show on the road

  • Christie HS series laser projector
  • top of the range AV kit including 4K media players and seamless switching devices
  • 100 Top of the range wireless headsets
  • 100 south sea deckchairs

Frive in cinema tesla deckchairs

In front of the cars which were strategically parked by the parking Marshalls were 100 deckchairs for the enthusiasts to enjoy the film right in front of the huge 40ft AIRSCREEN, listening through the top of the range crisp sounding provided wireless headsets.

Drive in cinema with urban entertainment and Tesla

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