Summer cinema with urban entertainment

We all know the UAE is famous for its hot dry dessert heat but did you know during the hot summer months it can reach temperatures upwards of 50 degrees C. Even the locals don’t brave those temperatures! For that reason Urban Entertainment are pleased to announce two alternative options for those avid film fanatics who appreciate the greats in settings other than the cinema and their arm chair.

Outdoor Cinema - Urban Entertainment

DRIVE IN CINEMA – Drive In cinemas have always been a popular way of watching your favourite titles from the comfort of your own surroundings. Being able to control the climate of your vehicle make them an excellent way of attending cinema events in the relentless UAE summer sun. We cover the whole of the Middle East and have screens big enough for up to 500 cars. Other options include high powered 4k laser projectors and FM transmitters for the nostalgic experience of listening to the films audio through your cars stereo.

Summer cinema - Indoor Cinema,a - Urban Entertainment

INDOOR CINEMA – Why not create your indoor space into a thriving pop up cinema!? typically shopping malls and indoor event spaces create the ideal environment and are a great replacement as a summer cinema option. We cover the Middle East and provide full packages to suit any event type. We have a huge selection of screen sizes and 4k laser projectors along with a number of audio options including wireless headsets for a silent cinema and a range of speaker systems.

For our full range of options contact us or visit our Facebook page for further information.