Pop Up Cinema Hire with Urban Entertainment

Indoor pop up cinema hire is one of our favourite events to do.

That’s because it combines the comfort and protection from the outdoor elements and enables us to control the light which can be a problem when projecting in the outdoors.

Here we reveal everything you need to know about Indoor Cinema plus how to put on a show-stopping event of your very own.

Why is indoor cinema hire so popular?

For film buffs it is all about the immersive experience. Sitting in an indoor space other than a cinema or your home gives you that sense of adventure and is another way to escape day-to-day life, but adding a unique way to enjoy your favourite film makes it extra special.

The trend of indoor pop up cinema hire has gained popularity in recent years due to its ability to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere for the audience in a more social sitting than a classic cinema environment.

Generally, these events take place in Halls, Hangers, arenas and just about anywhere that can house a giant pop up cinema screen.

Guests can enjoy the carefully curated movie in an indoor setting other than a cinema. A setting where friends and family can enjoy their favourite films in a more social sitting.

The benefits of hosting your own indoor cinema hire event don’t just include creating a memorable experience.

Indoor cinema hire is suitable for a variety of events, from private gatherings to corporate functions or a public screening.

The setup is bespoke to requirements and can easily be adapted into a theme, allowing hosts to choose the film they want to show, the type of seating, and even the food and drink options for their guests.

Some ideas to consider include whether to go for floor cushions or chairs, premium vegan hotdogs or decadently filled platters of bao buns.

And a bar offering is a classic way of making your event stand out.  Popular drinks choices at previous indoor events we have seen have included everything from cocktails to classic beers, premium coffee and even themed milkshakes.

If you want to go the extra mile, adding fairy lights, fancy dress and free popcorn or candy carts always go down a treat.

indoor pop up cinema hire also provides a great opportunity for branding and marketing. Companies can host events and showcase their products or services at the same time.

Our experience with indoor cinema hire

The team here at Urban Entertainment have facilitated some absolutely incredible indoor cinema events over the years.

We set up and ran an indoor movie experience for the premier of dads army in bridlington where the film was shot, with most of the cast in attendance.

Further afield in Dubai, we also deliver an incredible indoor cinema package creating an awesome vibe thanks to the impressive city settings, and our expertise of course.


Host your own pop up cinema event

In terms of the logistics of hosting this kind of experience, Urban’s service can handle it all for you.

That includes providing all of the kit, from the screen to the projector and sound system. We handle the setup and removal of all of the equipment so that hosts can focus on the other aspects of the event.

Also Urban Entertainment  are the only pop up cinema hire company to offer laser projection and we’re officially the largest providers in the UK and the Middle East offering inflatable cinema hire screens?

There’s no need to get bogged down with the bureaucracy of film licensing. We not only offer cinema hire solutions but can also provide support on film licensing by advising on the correct steps to take or manage this process ourselves by taking some of the weight off the clients head.

We are able to screen a huge variance of movies ranging from old classics to current movie releases currently showing in the cinemas.

Our premium packages cater for any indoor cinema event, large or small, and with our industry leading AIRSCREEN solution, we are able to hit numbers exceeding 3000 people depending on the space available.

We’d love to discuss your indoor cinema event requirements with you, so book a call with our team to find out more.