Top 10 outdoor cinema movies with urban entertainment

When it comes to enjoying your favourite outdoor cinema movies under the stars, Urban Entertainment have carefully compiled a list that can enhance the experience. These films are perfect for open-air viewing, span a range of genres, from adventure and action to comedy and romance. While the specific selection may depend on the audience’s preferences, certain movies have proven to be especially popular in an outdoor setting. The mingling of natural elements with cinematic magic creates a unique, memorable experience. Hence, the choice of movies for an outdoor cinema night becomes crucial in ensuring a delightful and entertaining evening.

top 10 outdoor cinema movies in 2024


Below we list our top 10 anticipated outdoor cinema movies for 2024:

1# Top Gun, Maverick

Top gun outdoor cinema - Urban Entertainment

2# Avatar – The way of the water

3# The Little Mermaid

4# The super Mario Bros Movie


6# Indiana jones and the dial of destiny

7# Teenage mutant ninja turtles – Mutant Mayhem

8# Guardians of the galaxy volume 3

9# Dungeons and dragons – Honour amongst thieves

10# Trolls band together

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