World Cup Screen Hire - Urban Entertainment

World Cup screen hire in 2022 will no doubt surpass our wildest expectations with many of our screens already allocated.

With the much anticipated World Cup Qatar 2022 creeping up on us and many fan zones & businesses yet to secure a screen package, we at urban entertainment are confident we will have the perfect AV package to suit your needs.

The kit we use is predominantly projection based which given the vast majority of matches will be played after sunset (optimal lighting conditions for projection) makes sense to go for this option especially given the rising costs of LED screen hire.

Why Projection Over LED!?

Price – As a rule of thumb, the cost of hiring an LED screen in most cases will cost twice the price of that of a projection package

Health & Safety – The size of these screens can be a hazard to health in high winds, a 40 foot inflatable cinema screen can be safely deflated in 30 seconds. A large LED screen can not be de rigged in high winds.

Set up times – A large package projection installation can be set up in 1.5 hours and de rigged in 1 hour. An LED screen on a truss frame would take a large team several hours to set up and de rig.

Damage to the surrounding area – A large projection setup can be carried into position and bares hardly any weight in comparison to an LED screen which would require large vehicle access.

Quality of image – In the ideal lighting conditions a projector will create a more immersive true representation of the image, without the pixels being on display.

World Cup Screen Hire Equipment

All our Kit has been rigorously tested in the outdoors in all weather conditions to ensure no matter what the weather has in store, the show must go on.

Projectors – We only use cinema quality laser HD high ANSI Lumens projectors

Screens – We use AIRSCREEN pop up cinema screens, the Rolls Royce in outdoor cinema

Audio – We have various HK Audio speaker options capable of catering for up to 5000 people. We also have wireless headphones and FM transmitters for the nostalgic drive in cinema experience

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